Callowhill Improvement District


Our First Year on the Books.


We hope to release a report at the end of the year sharing information regarding the first year’s budgets and services provided to the neighborhood.


Data to be compiled by Callowhill Improvement District


Why do we need a Business Improvement District?


It’s no secret that Philadelphia has a trash problem.

Callowhill has been a popular place for dumping and litter as industrial buildings became vacant and some property owners divested in their assets.

Callowhill Neighborhood Association holds two neighborhood clean ups every year but we can’t keep up with the construction dumping and sheer size of the vacant lots found throughout the area.

By pulling our resources, the Callowhill Neighborhood can afford to pay street and sidewalk cleanings 5 times a week! The annual proposed budget can also pay for capital improvements and beautification throughout the district. We are open to ideas!

Want to see what your contribution would be? Check the OPA website for the City of Philadelphia Property Assessment, then multiply that number by .0012. Examples below showing BID assessments for commercial properties contributing at this rate and residential properties assessed at 50%.



311 Requests since 2014


of 311 reports are GraFfiti



of 311 Reports are illegal dumping


Average annual fee for residential owners

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