Our Vision

Creating the Callowhill Improvement District


In 2017 a group of property owners in the areas got together and started a conversation around creating a business improvement district in the Callowhill Neighborhood.

2 years later, the conversation has grown to include residents, business owners and folks who live work and play in the neighborhood. Common concerns and support for the BID comes from the lack of city services in the area. We are a group a citizens hopeful that this project can pay for daily street cleanings, vacant lot clean ups, beautification efforts and long term economic development and planning strategy for this unique diverse community.

A steering committee comprised of residents, entrepreneurs and concerned citizens have been holding a series of meetings with other stakeholders in the neighborhood ranging from condo boards to local watering holes. This grassroots effort hopes to achieve an affordable plan for neighborhood improvements in an area seeing rapid change and development opportunities.

Want to be part of the conversation? We would love to chat with you! Please share your info here and be a part of the change in this exciting process!


Values + Aspirations

➢ safe, clean and diverse neighborhood 

➢ Foster civic life through great public space

➢ Re-Occupy vacant buildings and unbuilt parcels

➢ Clarify goals of the neighborhood for developers

➢ Cultivate people: more resident, workers, visitors

➢ Enhance and protect historic and creative character

➢ Attract neighborhood-serving retail (especially a grocery!)

➢ Connect better to nearby neighborhoods

Callowhill Neighborhood Association holds 2 volunteer clean ups every year.

Callowhill Neighborhood Association holds 2 volunteer clean ups every year.